Frequently Asked Questions

What is Doyen Elements? 

Doyen Elements is an entity uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of products, 
technology solutions, and services to the growing hemp industry. Additionally, the 
company acquires real estate and retrofits assets on behalf of licensees. Doyen Elements 
expects to grow its operations on a national platform to 1 million plus square feet of grow facilities strategically positioned throughout the U.S. by 2021. 

What services do you offer to hemp companies? 

Through the Equity Purchase Agreement of 7GENx, Doyen Elements will provide services to the Hemp Industry within the sectors of real estate, management consulting, research & development, industrial equipment, and green construction operations. Doyen Elements intends to radically improve the success rate of companies and profoundly increase the number of successful businesses in the Hemp Industry, while generating revenues and securing potentially lucrative equity holdings in these companies.

Is Doyen Elements a “cannabis-touching” company? 

Doyen Elements is not a “cannabis-touching” company, we specialize in deliverables to both consumers and producers focusing in the Hemp Industry. Our research lab plan is to catalyze and restore regenerative hemp based agriculture, food, fuel, and fiber economies for the health, safety and welfare of the planet. The research lab has developed cannabinoid hemp for cannabinoid extract sales; and has applied Genetics, select breeding, harvesting 40,000 hemp plants of over 40 cultivars, captured over 10,000 images of genetic variations, phylogenetic systematics, field preparation, soil amendments, permaculture, irrigation design, data compilation and storage

Does Doyen Elements face the same legal risks as cannabis companies?  

Since Doyen Elements is a non-cannabis-touching entity, it does not face the same legal 
risks as cannabis companies and can expand nationally. 

What is the value proposition? 

Through providing services to businesses, Doyen Elements brings significant 
value-add to startup and emerging ventures in the hemp industry. The consultancy is a 
one-stop-shop for all of their real estate, management consulting, industrial equipment, green 
construction, and research and development needs. Through cross-selling its multitude of 
services to its existing client base, Doyen Elements will essentially be able to reduce its client 
acquisition costs through servicing one client multiple times. 

Where can hemp businesses legally operate in the US? 

Unlike most American industries, the hemp business varies significantly by state, county, 
and even city. Each market has its own set of laws and regulations that define – and in 
many cases limit business opportunities. To prosper, entrepreneurs 
must know the laws that govern their state’s use of the substance. This creates an 
opportunity for Doyen Elements as it will help consult new entrepreneurs into starting or expanding their hemp 

Where can I access your stock information? 

You can view our stock information here LINK