Mission Statement

The Company’s mission is to bring stature and speed to the entire burgeoning ecosystem. By creating a “consultancy” that provides category defining business acumen and direct access to an experienced management team with hands-on operational experience, the Company will provide nascent and middle market ventures with the cross-functional know-how needed to quickly accelerate their businesses. Doyen Elements will provide budding Hemp and businesses with ancillary support through industry-leading, full-service management, financial, operational, and executional services.


Doyen Elements provides mission critical, ancillary business services to the Hemp Industry, serving as a start-up and emerging growth facilitator to businesses in the market. The Company was formed as a Nevada Stock Corporation in October 2015 and has recently entered into an Equity Purchase Agreement with 7GENx will allow Doyen Elements, Inc to offer specific services to the Hemp Industry designed to bolster growth through expert consulting and the infusion of “smart money.”

Doyen Elements’ unique positioning allows it to realize the full prosperity of the booming Hemp Industry, providing expert management consulting and operational knowledge to start-up and existing operators in the industry. The Company’s management team has specifically operated all areas of the hemp industry and has real world public and capital markets experience in helping companies grow. In addition, Doyen’s regulatory filings allow it to participate in all areas of the Hemp Market Expansion from Extraction, Infusion, and Research & Development.


The Company aims to create economies of scale and increased levels of operational efficiency through taking advantage of the combined synergies of the consolidated management and financial structure. Doyen Elements, Inc. delivers to both consumers and producers. Our research lab plan is to catalyze and restore regenerative hemp based agriculture, food, fuel, and fiber economies for the health, safety and welfare of the planet. The research lab has developed cannabinoid hemp for cannabinoid extract sales; and has applied Genetics, Select breeding, harvesting 40,000 hemp plants of over 40 cultivars, captured over 10,000 images of genetic variations, phylogenetic systematics, field preparation, soil amendments, permaculture, irrigation design, data compilation and storage.