We provide mission critical, ancillary business services to the Hemp and Industry in the USA and abroad

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We provide mission critical, ancillary business services to the Hemp Industry, serving as a start-up and emerging growth facilitator to these businesses in the market. Through the Equity Purchase Agreement of a Colorado Hemp Farm and its intellectual property we provide specific services to the hemp industry designed to bolster growth through expert consulting and the infusion of “smart money.”

The Company’s mission is to bring stature and speed to the entire burgeoning hemp ecosystem. By creating a “consultancy” that provides category defining business acumen and direct access to an experienced management team with hands-on operational experience, the Company will provide nascent and middle market hemp ventures with the cross-functional know-how needed to quickly accelerate their businesses. Doyen Elements will provide budding hemp and businesses with ancillary support through industry-leading, full-service management, financial, operational, and executional services.


We provide mission critical, ancillary business services to the Hemp Industry.


The Company will be able to acquire real estate and retrofit assets on behalf of licensees to produce products to be sold via select retail outlets and on-line web sites. The Company also provides a means for wholesale distribution by accelerating and increasing the growth of product for distribution.

Currently, the supply of hemp friendly commercial real estate cannot keep up with demand. Doyen Elements will enter these markets in a variety of ways including ancillary services to the sector’s core need for dirt, primarily being soil analysis including planting/harvesting management and facilities management.


With multiple years of operational experience in the Hemp Industry, the Company will offer industry-leading consulting and management services ranging from immediate start-up business activation to licensing, compliance, growth structure, tenant improvements, general management, security, transportation and legal services. The Company not only provides a detailed roadmap for companies seeking to address these issues, but have teams in place that can roll up their sleeves to provide clients with action-oriented assistance.

The Company’s expertise and management services will be in high demand particularly in fledgling states that are just starting to tap into the industry. Starting a grow site is typically very complex, given the varying rules, regulations and many pitfalls involved. Hemp entrepreneurs are seeking assistance from companies or people who have experience and can provide guidance on how to go about the process, which will open the door for Doyen’s services. This demand allows the Company to participate in a larger segment of the market in multiple states throughout the USA and abroad.


The company has scientists who over the years have garnered the largest genetic collection of Hemp seeds allow them to create strains that will flourish in any locale and climate. Doyen intends to use this to benefit its business partners, when seeking to provide a solution for those suffering from ailments or chronic illnesses who may benefit from the use of specifically created plants matched to help a particular ailment. The Company will avidly focus on researching and developing cutting-edge technologies to benefit the Hemp Industry.


The cultivation business is very insular and regional, providing ample opportunities for the Company’s nation-wide reach to penetrate untapped markets and gain an advantage of smaller providers due to sheer economies of scale. The extraction business includes specific testing to insure THC levels are maintained below the 2014 Farm Bill, hemp amendment and state industrial hemp pilot program regulations.


Doyen Elements will utilize its expertise in hempcrete, a building material. The Company will also provide its clients with innovative green construction solutions that not only help decrease operational costs, but will also provide growing and cultivating ease.


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